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yesmeher asked: I dare Pharrell to stand in front of Trayvon's parents and tell them all about how his "mentality" got him killed. GTFO! New black just seems like a new way to play respectability politics. White people love Pharrell via Happy and all that feel good shit, but one wrong turn, just one, and they'll remind him just how they feel about blacks, old and new. Tired of these rich niggas thinking that just because their money shields them from blatant racism, it's the rest of us who've got it all wrong.



It is amazing to me that the conservative working class (especially the working poor) has been so captivated (and captured) by corporate America that they fight fang and claw to keep themselves on the bottom end of increasing economic disparity, and to make the wealthy, wealthier at the expense of worker.

In the 4th century BCE, Plato said that neither oligarchy nor democracy are suitable systems to bring about social justice. An Oligarchy—rule by the few and the wealthy—is unacceptable because the wealthy are only interested in their own appetites and will exploit the workers for gain. But Democracy will not lead to social justice either, because the public, by and large, is ignorant of the functions of government, and by that lack of information, they are easily misled by the emotional rhetoric of self-serving politicians.

Even back in Plato’s time, the two major political parties in Athens were the Oligarchs and the Liberals. The Oligarchs wanted precisely what conservative “leaders” want today—an oligarchy. The Liberals wanted all men to be equal and have equal voice—same as today.

The process of good propaganda is clear:

1. Demonize a word (such as “liberal”) by using it always in a negative sentence, preferably as emotion-generating as possible (falsehoods actually work better than truth). Give the word no quarter and never speak it in a positive sentence. Because of the constant demonization of the word, long and loudly, many in the public will come to hate the word and everything associated with it.

2, Now, attach any person or policy to the word, and the person or policy comes to be hated as well.

Evidence? Take a look at Newt Gingrich’s memo to GOPAC back when the political division was not as bad as today: Google “Language: A Key Mechanism of Control.” Yes, the conservatives started this well before Gingrich wrote the memo, but it did serve to clarify and consolidate the political methodology of the Right Wing. This was greatly enhanced by the rise of the neoconservatives.

So, here we are, a corporatocracy, slipping quickly into an oligarchy with the help of the corporatist conservative Supreme Court.

Max Furr on Gap between executive pay and worker wages continues to grow

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